Zetays specializes in software, web development, IOT, Analytics, MDM & Data Security outsourcing and subcontracting services to agencies and firms such as yours, either as a supplemental resource to round out your portfolio of services, to handle work overload, or as complete solutions for your clients. With proven expertise in diverse technology platforms, our Hyderabad based Outsourcing and Subcontracting company provides a wide range of services.

Outsourcing and Subcontracting of software programming, development & IT services, is currently looked upon as a value enhancer that helps organizations streamline their core operations at a significant cost advantage. Here are a few advantages of Outsourcing and Subcontracting software programming, web development & IT services:

  • Clients can concentrate on their core business operations.
  • Our Designers and Developers can adjust with your time zones.
  • Our team of experts will understand and study your requirements, business objectives, business processes, project expectations and preferences.
  • Offshore outsourcing also provides the added advantage of cost effectiveness, quicker turnaround times, and minimizing customer attrition through non local outsourcing.
  • Customized reports, tasks, workload idle time and progress tracking.
  • We provide a dedicated project manager who will be your contact person, and update you on each process with daily and weekly work reports.
  • Constant communications and personalized attention to our out sourcing partners are the cornerstones of success of our company in offshore software development, web programming & IT out sourcing field

Outsourcing Team

Our professional outsourcing staff has expertise ranging from web design and development outsourcing, programming and software engineering to database and system architecture design outsourcing.

Our team of software outsourcing professionals are ready to partner with you to deliver effective and impressive IT outsourcing solutions.

Our outsourcing team is based in India. We can provide extremely cost-effective Designing and Development solutions without compromising on quality. Graphics, design aesthetics, design technique and programming are our strong points and we are always willing to understand, appreciate and anticipate the end user experience. That makes us ideally suited for outsourcing for your web design, web application and software development needs.

How Zetasys Can Work with You

With Modern Communications Technology, Location is Not an Issue - Through use of the Internet, email and file transfer protocols (FTP), communications across the nation or the world is easier and even more economical than ever before. Materials such as text, images and documents can be sent in seconds anywhere, at any time. Reviews and edits can be done and changes implemented in minutes.

Remote Project Management Works In Cyberspace – Using the latest in technology such as project management and remote server software, all over the US without leaving their offices. Still you will think that you are their only account.

Your Dedicated Account Representative is also Your Project Manager - You need only deal your dedicated project manager for all issues. With a “can do' attitude, your Softway project manager will demystify “techie” talk and work miracles to get your project completed on time, on budget and exceeding your customer expectations.