Data Security

IBM Security Guardium is a comprehensive data security platform that provides a full range of capabilities – from discovery and classification of sensitive data to vulnerability assessment to data and file activity monitoring to masking, encryption, blocking, alerting and quarantining to protect sensitive data.

Guardium helps secure sensitive data across a full range of environments – from databases to big data, cloud, file systems and more. Guardium also provides automated analysis to quickly uncover internal and external risks to sensitive data. The solution also easily adapts to changes in your IT environment – whether that includes adding new users, requiring more scalability, or adding new technologies.

IBM Security Guardium helps clients support a full range of use cases – compliance initiatives, privacy initiatives, big data security projects, and projects to outthink insiders …all the way though comprehensive data protection.

IBM Security Guardium helps:

  • Analyze your data risk:
  • Discover and classify sensitive data – and uncover compliance risks – automatically
  • Know who is accessing data, spot anomalies, and stop data loss with data activity monitoring across files, databases, Hadoop distributions, NoSQL platforms, and more
  • Analyze data usage patterns to rapidly uncover and remediate risks with advanced, automated analytics and machine learning such as outlier detection

A Threat Diagnostic Center scans and analyzes audited data to detect symptoms that may indicate a database attack underway – from the inside or from the outside – such as detecting SQL injections and malicious stored procedures

A dynamic Data Protection Dashboard centralizes key indicators of data and data repository risk mitigation and compliance progress for key stakeholders, so they can see the data security heartbeat of the organization and act appropriately.

Protect your critical data:

Shield the business from liability with automated data compliance and extensive audit capabilities for data at rest and data in motion

Protect critical data through encryption, masking, redaction, and dynamic blocking and alerting

Alert or block elicit internal & external data and file access with real-time response, including identifying abnormal or suspicious behavior..

Seamlessly adapt your data security to changes in your environment

Support traditional and new data technologies - such as Hadoop, noSQL and Cloud

Support your entire data protection journey – from compliance to end-to-end data protection with the same infrastructure and approach

Reduce costs and improve results using a single data protection infrastructure for your entire environment