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StockHound – RFID Inventory Tracking System

What is StockHound?

There are roughly 3.7 million small to medium sized retailers, and the vast majority of them are counting their inventory either by hand or using barcode scanners. StockHound revolutionizes this painstaking process by using RFID embedded product labels to enable faster, more accurate inventory tracking. Our goal is to make it much easier for smaller retailers to implement and use RFID technology by building SaaS that integrates with their existing Point of Sales (POS) system. Visit our demo site for more info: https://www.stockhound.io/

What will be the workflow for the user?

After syncing with his/her existing POS system (Shopify, Square, etc.), the retailer will be able to print (using the Zebra ZD500R) new RFID-embedded product labels to be put on all his/her merchandise. When the retailer needs to count inventory, he/she will download our mobile “StockHound Reader” app on his/her smartphone and connect it via Bluetooth to his/her handheld RFID reader (Zebra RFD8500). Using product filters, he/she will be able to specify “Custom Counts” to scan for all or portions of his/her inventory. Then, being aided by onscreen cues detailing his/her progress, he/she will then be able to begin scanning his/her surroundings (up to 15 foot radius) for those specific items. This method is about 25x faster than using conventional barcode scanners.  At the end of the scan, the reader will transfer data related to the scan to the web app, where a detailed report will be generated and stored for viewing on a desktop.

What kind of help is StockHound looking for?

StockHound is looking for TWO new brilliant team members who can empower the entrepreneurial spirit of the team with technical expertise in software development. We are looking for both a front-end and back-end developer who will work together to:

A. Design a beautiful UI for both our Web and Mobile Apps that delivers an awesome User Experience.

B. Build a Web App capable of:
(1) Pulling data from retailer’s existing Inventory Management System (IMS) via API’s and/or webhooks;
(2) Using inventory data to create labels to be printed/encoded by Zebra ZD500R RFID printer; and
(3) Displaying inventory reports following inventory scans.

C. Build a Mobile App capable of:
(1) Interfacing with the Zebra RFD8500 handheld RFID reader
(2) Sending/receiving inventory data from cloud storage;
(3) Using inventory filters (e.g. product brands, types, etc.) to create custom scans; and
(4) Displaying graphics to cue user during inventory scan.

D. Build back-end infrastructure/architecture capable of:
(1) Storing, managing, and processing inventory data in the cloud.

Why is this an amazing opportunity?

Aside from the typical pay for such a project, we have much more to offer. We offer you the creative autonomy to direct your own work. We won’t be dictating exactly how to perform tasks, and what tools you should use. We give you the power to decide how to get things done. As well, we give you the opportunity to explore and experiment with exciting new technologies. RFID and IoT technologies are rapidly changing the world, and this project is the perfect chance to gain real experience working with an exciting new technology with a lot of upside. Finally, perhaps the most lucrative offering we have for you is the opportunity to earn ownership in a high-growth SaaS startup at the ground-level.



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