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Industrial Internet of Things Platform

Kaa delivers essential middleware for the Industrial Internet of Things

The highly anticipated Industry 4.0 revolution is already underway reshaping manufacturing processes and the Industrial Internet of Things is a primary catalyst for this transformation. With the industrial automation solutions empowered by the Internet of Things, manufacturing production facilities and products themselves can be outfitted with computing hardware and connected using standard networking means. This allows separate parts of a production line communicate with each other in near real time and makes the entire manufacturing process much easier to monitor and control.

Kaa is an open-source IoT platform which serves as a control hub for such connected production facilities. Being hardware- and transport-agnostic, Kaa is easily integrated with a broad variety of sensors, controllers, machines, and device gateways, enabling many-to-many interoperability between them. Through this interoperability and unified data sharing, separate parts of the production line become more responsive and capable to instantly react to different events or change their configuration settings accordingly. Failure prediction and troubleshooting also become reliable and straightforward.

On the application and data processing levels, Kaa offers a rich feature set for cloud enablement and generic data treatment, which can be used to rapidly assemble end-to-end IoT applications for industrial systems automation, predictive maintenance, and remote monitoring.

What you can do with Kaa

  • Production line remote monitoring

    Production line remote monitoring

  • Unified factory-wide interconnectivity

    Unified factory-wide interconnectivity

  • Predictive maintenance

    Predictive maintenance

  • Failure mitigation and safety control

    Failure mitigation and safety control

  • Gateway apps and edge analytics

    Gateway apps and edge analytics

  • Centralized config data updates

    Centralized config data updates

  • Workforce tracking

    Workforce tracking

  • Cloud-based data storage and analytics

    Cloud-based data storage and analytics


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