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KPIs we cover in Accommodation & Food

% of national guests

Percentage of national guests.

Ratio national to international guests

Ratio national to international guests.

% of international guests

Percentage of international guests.

Spend per head

Spend per head from each cutomer coming thropugh the door. Total takings (gross) divided by total guests

Average number of guests per employee

Average number of guests per employee.

Food, Dessert, Beverage Sales per head

These are divided into key areas of choice – main course and starters, desserts, non-alcohol beverages, alcohol and perhaps also side orders (eg breads and salads) and other product sales. It’s the perfect indicator of two things – how much your menu appeals to your customers (do you have all the choices they want, eg the right dessert selection?), and how well your staff are selling. This KPI can be a good basis for a bonus system.

% of rooms with maintenance issues

Percentage of rooms with maintenance issues.

% of cancelled reservation requests

Percentage of cancelled reservation requests.


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